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3F (the United Federation of Danish Workers) is Denmark’s strongest union, with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other union.

3FA (the 3F Unemployment Insurance Fund) is Denmark’s most local unemployment insurance fund.

3F membership offers you the following:

Are you employed?

Do you have a job, or are you newly educated? Your collective agreement ensures good pay and working conditions for you. Without a collective agreement, you risk i.a. to have your pay reduced. 3F negotiates your collective agreement and helps you.

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Are you an apprentice?

Are you an apprentice or undergoing education?

It only costs 65 DKK per month to become a member of 3F if you are a trainee/an apprentice receiving normal trainee wage.

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Do you have a part-time job?

As a student, you can now become a member of 3F free of charge or become a 3F Student Plus member with more advantages. Find out which membership is best suited for you. 

The form is in Danish only.

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