Are you applying for admission to 3F

3F (the United Federation of Danish Workers) is Denmark’s strongest union, with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other union.

3FA (the 3F Unemployment Insurance Fund) is Denmark’s most local unemployment insurance fund.

3F membership offers you the following.

NOTE: The prices quoted are for 2020. Other prices may apply for 2021.

Unemployment insurance fund + trade union 65 * DKK per month Sign up
Trade union 65 * DKK per month Sign up
Unemployment insurance fund 0 * DKK per month Sign up
3F has an extensive network which we use to help our members get work. As a member of 3F, you’ll get plenty of practical tips for securing a work experience place.

Good advice when looking for work experience placements

Your training or apprenticeship contract is one way of ensuring that you have good working conditions during your apprenticeship. As a member of 3F we can check your contract so you can begin your course or apprenticeship safe in the knowledge that everything is as it should be.

Checking your training agreement/contract

3F’s unemployment fund guarantees you benefit on time. If you are not a member of an unemployment fund, you will not be able to claim unemployment benefit.

Membership of the unemployment fund with the option of free membership


You can contact your local 3F branch if you have any work-related problems during your work placement. These can be anything from wage disputes to bullying.

Personal counselling and help if you have problems during your work placement.

3F is ready to offer support and advice. In some cases, problems can be resolved simply through discussion with your employer. In other cases, you and 3F will enter into an agreed settlement with your employer. If your case cannot be resolved in this way, 3F can pursue the case through the industrial law system. Irrespective of what happens and how long the case runs, you will not have to pay any of the case costs.

Personal advice and legal and union support in dealings with an employer and in court

It is very important that a work-related injury is handled correctly in relation to compensation. 3F is familiar with the complex rules and can help you.

Personal support in the event of work-related injury

3F negotiates and renews your collective agreement. This means that we understand your industry down to the smallest detail and can give you as a member the best possible service.

Union experts who know your industry and your collective agreement

If your employer cannot afford to pay your wages or other expenses, it may go into suspension of payments. If this happens, or if your employer goes bankrupt, you should immediately contact your local 3F branch. 3F will then help you to secure your pay.

Help if your employer experiences financial difficulties

3F’s benefit payments will ensure that you have an income in the period in between the end of your course or apprenticeship and when you start work (karensperioden). To qualify for benefit payments you must: - Be a paying member of the unemployment fund (A-kasse) - Have been a 3F member for 12 months - Have joined an unemployment fund at least two weeks after you finish your course or apprenticeship. The earliest you can receive benefits from is the day you join the unemployment fund - Be registered at the Job Centre.

Benefit payments that ensure you an income if you become unemployed when you finish your course or apprenticeship.

You are covered by 3F’s group life insurance for as long as you are a member until such time as you take your retirement pension, thereby providing security for your family.

Group life insurance

The PlusCard serves as a membership card and also gives you discount at a large number of stores and venues.

Cheap insurance and discounts at more than 1,500 stores

For just DKK 38 per month, you are covered by a personal accident insurance scheme.

Personal accident insurance

If you are over 25 and receive an adult apprentice wage, your subscription will be a little higher because you receive a higher wage.

*The price is an average because there can be a small difference in subscriptions between different 3F branches.

Adult apprentice
If you are over 25 and receive adult apprentice wage, then your membership fee to 3F will be a little higher, because you receive a higher wage.
*The size of the fee is displayed as an average, because the price from one local 3F branch to another can vary, which is why we display an average price to you.
If you are over 30, you must be signed up for the "early retirement scheme" in order to be receive free unemployment benefits and be member of the 3F unemployment fund. Otherwise, you must pay the full price of the unemployment fund membership fee which is currently 513 kr. pr. måned.   


Trade union
DKK 65 per month

Adult apprentice: DKK 437, after tax, app. DKK 330 per month.

Unemployment insurance fund + trade union
DKK 65 per month

Adult apprentice: DKK 437. After tax, DKK 330

Unemployment insurance fund
DKK 0 per month

Adult apprentice: DKK 514. After tax, DKK 377.

3F trade union

3F is Denmark’s strongest trade union, with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other labour union. Every year, 3F collects nearly DKK 1,1 billion in compensation for its members.

As a member, you receive:

  • Help to secure good pay and working conditions
  • Help in case of any problems arising at your workplace
  • Help with obtaining compensation if you suffer an injury at work
  • Help with continuing training, including personal training plans
  • Group life insurance and personal accident insurance
  • Member offers

3FA Unemployment Insurance Fund

3FA is Denmark’s most local unemployment insurance fund. Close to you. As a member, you receive

  • Personal service at 66 branches
  • Unemployment benefits on time
  • Up to DKK 19.083 per month (when at the maximum rate)
  • Unemployment benefits for up to two years
  • Opportunity to join early retirement scheme
  • Help with finding a new job
  • Job search courses
  • Guidance regarding educational opportunities
  • Access to My 3F, where you can complete and submit your unemployment benefit card and other subsidy cards
  • Help with writing your CV and job plan
  • Interpreter help and special offers for immigrants